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27 Killed In Fire In A Romanian Nightclub

October 11, 2015 Jamie Schuman 0


In a shocking incident in Bucharest, a fire in a nightclub killed 27 people and injured 184 others during a rock concert on Friday night the 30th of October. This was one of the worst mishaps in the capital of Romania in decades. 400 people mostly youngsters stampeded towards the single exit in order to escape the fire. The Colectiv club was located in the basement of a Communist era sport-shoe factory. The club was hosting a night show that featured the metal band Goodbye to Gravity on Friday night to launch a new album. Witnesses said that the fireworks began on stage and the pyrotechnic effects were the cause of the fire.

While many suffered burns and smoke inhalation others were injured by being trampled in the stampede. A pillar covered with foam panels and the ceiling erupted in flames followed by an explosion. The Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea had already initiated a criminal investigation into the cause of the incident while the health minister Nicolae Banicioui sent out a public appeal for blood donations. The Government on Saturday declared three days of national mourning in memory of the lives lost. Some of the worst disasters in nightclubs have been due to fireworks in the recent past.

Following the public appeal for blood donations, hundreds of people crowded the Bucharest Blood Transfusion Center and other centers to donate blood in the early hours of Saturday. The donors were from all walks of life including 40 local policemen and 50 anti-terrorist operatives. Leaders of political parties and churches joined the cause as best as they could with support for the bereaved families and those suffering injuries. National Research Development Institute for Mining Security and Antiexplosive Protection sent their specialists to investigate the cause of the fire. Prosecutors are already investigation crimes of willful destruction and manslaughter.

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Volkswagen Cheating Emission Tests: Enthusiasts Disappointed

September 17, 2015 Jamie Schuman 0


Recently Volkswagen had to call off half a million of their cars because their software had apparently cheated on the emissions tests. The Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal has led many customers’ to weigh their choices yet again. The 2013 Jetta SportWagen model fit perfectly for those who were looking for a bigger and fuel efficient car until they realized about the scandal. Although Volkswagen has offered to fix the glitch, owners now wonder how the fix will affect the overall performance of their seemingly perfect cars.

Volkswagen America President Michael Horn apologized in a video and offered their cooperation with regulatory authorities. They have offered to remedy the issue by software adjustments according to the vehicle and hardware. They are yet to estimate the cost and how the changes will affect the car’s performance. Following the announcement of the problem several lawyers filed lawsuits against Volkswagen. Although Volkswagen offers to fix the glitch it leaves everyone to wonder how well it would be fixed as they would not have cheated in the first place if the fix were as easy as advertised.

The software that is to blame for Volkswagen cars cheating on the emissions tests was designed only for a single type of diesel engine and has sold 11 million cars around the world. The company claims to have set aside 6.5 billion euros to fix the cars. Before all this happened it began with the Environmental Protection Agency ordering Volkswagen to recall 482,000 Volkswagen and Audi cars with four-cylinder turbodiesel engines. The fault lies in the cars being fitted with software that detects official emissions test being performed and emits up to 40 times more pollution when not being tested. Volkswagen admitted to the test-evading software being placed. This trickery has caused the Volkswagen market value to be stripped of more than $15 billion apart from the fines that they will be punished with.

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