What Form Of Mosquito Control Is Safe

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What Form Of Mosquito Control Is Safe

But what form of pest controls or mosquito repellents can you use? If you are pregnant or you have small children, you might rethink about using toxic means or insecticides to repel them. You should consider other forms of mosquito repellent such as natural pest control.

Firstly, you have to understand what attracts mosquitoes. Dark clothing, carbon dioxide, floral or fruity fragrances and moisture are a list of things that mosquitoes gravitate to. What you can do is you can use these things to lure mosquitoes away from you. For example, did you know that you give of more carbon dioxide after you’ve exercised? Burning a candle or making a small fire as another source of carbon dioxide can be used to attract mosquitoes. More on this website @ https://mosquitoguardpro.com

Apart from luring them away, there are natural mosquito repellents that you can use. However unlike regular pest control repellents, these require more frequent reapplication. The best natural mosquito repellents are actually volatile plant oils such as lemongrass oil, citronella oil, cedar oil, caster oil, clove oil, rosemary oil and peppermint oil. Now you don’t have to use all of them on yourself, just one but you will have to apply it every 2 hours for it to be effective.

10 Quick Tips on Mosquito Control. Here are some mosquito control tips that you may find useful. 1. First, wear clothing that covers most of your body, if the temperature permit. 2. Do not allow food, trash, decaying wood, etc. to remain in or on your property. Empty watering cans, remove old tires and cover rain barrels to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. 3. Cover or seal trash tightly. Garbage can lids should be kept closed and secured. 4. Prevent mosquitoes from entering your home by ensuring that all your window screens are intact. 5. If you have a pond in your garden, stock it with some fish that ..

Most of these products can safely be used as mosquito repellents and they work quite well. But before you go about applying them, it’s best to check if you could possibly be allergic them. This natural pest control works well in regular environments but they can be less effective if you have sunscreen on or if you’ve gone swimming.

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